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ZIP Codes Assigned To United Way of the Columbia Gorge
39 ZIP Codes assigned

97001 97014 97021 97029 97031 97033 97037
97039 97040 97041 97044 97050 97057 97058
97063 97065 97711 * 97750 * 97830 * 97861 * 98602
98605 98610 98613 98617 98619 98620 98623
98628 98635 98639 98648 98650 98651 98670
98672 98673 99322 99356
* This ZIP Code is not claimed by any United Way. It has been assigned to this United Way because they have claimed the closest ZIP Code. This assignment does not imply a requirement to solicit in or serve the area, nor is it used when calculating per capita amount raised.

Click the ZIP Code for more information about how it and all ZIP Codes are assigned.

Reassigning Zip Codes
If a zip code should be reassigned to a United Way other than the one to which it is currently assigned, the following steps must be taken before contacting United Way Worldwide:

Requests for reassignment of the zips must be negotiated with the United Way who currently is assigned the zip code.

The United Way to whom the zip is currently assigned must give permission in writing that the zip can be reassigned to another United Way. This permission should be forwarded to Jenny Palazio in United Way Worldwide Membership Services ( before any change can be made.

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